Catering and Takeout Orders by Web, Android and iPhone

fontagg feast iPhone/Android App and will pump up your sales, by keeping your order lines always open

Cafes, Bistros, and Restaurants

Supercharge your take-out and delivery business

Great part of your sales and profits come from delivery and take-out business. Whether you're delivering to residences, business offices, or movie sets, your presence on the Mobile Web is now mandatory.

Your customers want to place orders even when they can't speak on the phone. Help them place orders during meetings, class, movie, photo shoots, conferences, and other activities that preclude making phone calls.

By subscribing to now, you will:

  • Receive orders 24-hours a day – error free, from anywhere
  • Supercharge your sales by preparing and delivering food, not answering phones
  • Keep your customers coming back for more, by making ordering FUN and EASY

Here is how you can increase sales and customer satisfaction at the same time:

Large Party Orders by iPhone/Android:

  • Speed – Its 10pm, and your business customer just called a working lunch meeting from her car. She fires up your custom iPhone/Android app, looks through your Menu, and places an order for 20 people to be delivered during lunch the following day! The order arrives by fax, email, and online. No missed phone calls or orders.
  • Convenience – While shooting movie scenes, your iPhone/Android app helps movie studio staff quietly place a large order for the cast, to be delivered to the set at a requested time. No phone call necessary!
  • Upsell – don't just rely on your phone staff to upsell, the system upsells those profitable side orders automatically.

Delight Your Customers:

  • No Language Barrier – Your customers are hungry, have money, and love your food, but their language skills make it difficult to place phone orders. fontagg feast and eliminate the language barrier. Ordering the food they want is a simple as tapping on the items they love on your iPhone/Android app, and tapping on Order.
  • Convenience – Tell your customer, "Order food your way – by phone, by fax, by Internet, and yes, by iPhone/Android. We're always open."
  • Upsell – don't rely on your staff to upsell, the system upsells those profitable side orders automatically.
Cafes, Bistros, and Restaurants

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