Family & Fine Dining by fontagg feast on iPad

fontagg feast iPad App and will enhance your brand and reputation for amazing service

Family Restaurants and Fine Dining

Not just excellent food and service – excellent food and AMAZING service

Families, business groups, and friends come to your restaurant to enjoy the fantastic ambiance, the award winning food, and excellent service. Now, you can amaze your customers by handing them an iPad with your custom fontagg feast app, and allowing them to examine your menu and make their selections based on extensive information about items in your menu.

Your iPad menu will show pictures, detailed descriptions of items, and for discriminating customers - information about ingredients, nutrition, as well as the Chef preparing their food. Do you have an extensive Wine List? fontagg feast will list your wines with all of its glorious details, enticing your customers to order the high priced vintages. and fontagg feast on iPad will simplify group order placement and make the experience FUN and EXCITING.

By subscribing to and offering your own iPhone/Android app now, you will:

  • Enter your menu using our Menu Composer. Add pictures, nutritional details, and even videos about how the special food items are prepared.
  • The waiter hands the iPad with your custom app to the group, and asks each person in the group to select their desired item, and add it to the order.
  • After initial excitement, your customers look through your menu, tap tap tap to select their food and drinks, add their names next to their items, and send the order to the restaurant printer.
  • Waiter picks up the printout, confirms the orders with the group, and places the orders.
Family Restaurant & Fine Dining

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