Sports Bars and Clubs

fontagg feast iPhone/Android App and will supercharge your sales by eliminating ordering bottlenecks

Sports Bars

Score 50% more sales of profitable drinks and finger food per game night

People come to your place to socialize with their buddies, watch the game, and lubricate the conversations and cheers with beer and finger food. As the crowd gets larger, it takes more time to replenish those beers, cater to the guy who wants to buy a beer for his buddy, and get the food orders to the kitchen.

fontagg feast and can keep those orders coming, whether the bartender or waiter is available or not.

By subscribing to and offering your own iPhone/Android app now, you will:

  • Enable your customers to order beers and drinks on their iPhone/Android, while your bartenders and waiters are busy preparing and serving the orders.
  • Allow your patrons to use fontagg feast's social networking feature to chat with their buddies, and buy them drinks.
  • Be able to hand an iPad to a large group to get them to look through your menu, tap tap tap to select drinks and food, add their names next to their items, and send the order to the bar printer.
  • Never miss sales because your waiters or bartenders are busy.
  • Increase sales of profitable items, by letting the system upsell. For example, fontagg feast will suggest an order of wings when the customer taps to order a beer, and vice versa.
Sports Bars & Clubs

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