Take Orders & Prep Food in Transit

fontagg feast iPhone/Android App and taggtogo.com Maximizes sales for each stop in less time per stop

Catering Trucks and Stands

Double your sales by serving more customers per stop in less time

You start your daily route before lunch, hoping to go through as many stops as possible before lunch is over. If there was a way to receive orders while in transit, you could prepare the orders before you get to the next stop, and amaze your customers by calling out their names and exchanging freshly prepared meals for money instantly.

fontagg feast and taggtogo.com makes this 21st century wireless ordering possible. No lines, no waiting by your customers, no lost sales, and no idle time in transit.

By subscribing to taggtogo.com and offering your own iPhone/Android app now, you will:

  • Enable your customers to place iPhone/Android orders while you are driving to their stop
  • Receive orders in your truck on a laptop computer with a 3G wireless connection
  • Charge credit cards and prepare the meals while in transit
  • Amaze your customers by having their order ready to eat right after you pull up to the stop
  • Increase the number of stops and sales, since you'll be able to serve all your customers quicker in each stop

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Catering Trucks and Stands

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