More Drinks and Hookah by iPhone/Android

fontagg feast iPhone/Android App and will supercharge your profits

Evening Clubs and Cafés

Supercharge your profitable sales

Making it simple and fun for your customers to replenish their drinks and hookah means selling more profit producing items, faster.

Your customer is looking for the waiter to replenish their drinks and the hookah that just faded out, but the waiter is busy with other customers. They wait for a while, then run out of patience and time, and ask for the check. This means lost profitable sales.

Enabling your customers to place their orders by iPhone/Android, you will never miss those profitable sales again.

By subscribing to and offering your own fontagg feast iPhone/Android app now, you will:

  • Pump up sales of profit producing items by taking orders on the iPhone/Android, and focusing your waiters' time on profit producing tables.
  • Make it FUN and EASY for your customers to buy drinks for each other
  • Enable your customers to network with each other on fontagg feast on your WiFi, while sitting in your restaurant. This will help sell more drinks and hookah.

Here is how you can increase sales and customer satisfaction at the same time:

Delight Your Customers:

  • No Waiter Ordering – Your customers are thirsty, have money, and love your hookah and drinks, but there is no waiter in sight to take their orders right when they need it. fontagg feast and eliminate the need to wait for their waiter.
    Ordering what they want involves tapping on the items they love on your iPhone/Android app, putting in their table number, and tapping on Order. The order goes to the bar with their table number, and their waiter brings out the order pronto. Smiles all around, and larger tip for the waiter to reward her for prompt service.
  • Convenience and Fun – Hand an iPad with your app to that party of twenty, and let them peruse your menu, pick what they want, and add the items to the order with their name next to the items. The order goes to the printer, the waiter shows up with the printout to confirm the order, and takes the order to the kitchen. Fast, fun, error free.
  • Upsell – don't just rely on your staff to upsell, the system upsells those profitable side orders automatically.
Evening Clubs and Cafés

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