Not just fast delivery, fast ordering

fontagg feast iPhone/Android App and Redefine Pizza Ordering and Delivery


Increase Sales by Reducing Customer Contact to Delivery Time by 50%

Your large competitors are spending millions to deploy sophisticated web sites and web ordering capabilities. fontagg feast and help you leapfrog your large and small competitors, at a tiny fraction of their cost.

With our pay-as-you-go system, your pizzeria will project your own custom branded iPhone/Android app and Web Ordering Site to your customers. By subscribing to now, you will:

  • Take more pizza orders in less time – error free
  • Attract online and wireless orders to your stores and supercharge sales
  • Keep your customers coming back for more

You can Send an Order on its Way Before Your Competitor Completes a Phone Order

Taking phone orders is costly, error prone, takes too much time, and during busy periods when you can't handle the phone calls, sends your customers to your competitors.

fontagg feast and help your business and customers:

  • Speed – customers fire up their iPhone/Android, look through your menu, and place orders with a few taps of their fingers. No missed phone calls. No errors.
  • Convenience – customers can place takeout and delivery orders whether your store is open or closed. All she has to do is select a delivery time during your working hours. This feature allows for placing orders for future dates.
  • Upsell – don't just rely on your staff to upsell, the system upsells those profitable side orders automatically.

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