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Key Features of taggtogo.com and
iPhone and Android apps

Setup is easy and free

  • Online Ordering Today – Takes 5 minutes to create an online ordering account, it's FREE, it's Easy, and no contracts are required.
  • From your own site – Online ordering system embedded in your own web site
  • Fast & free setup – Email us your menu or price list, and we will create your online ordering system
  • Your own mobile apps – We also create a custom iPhone and Android apps, plus the apps work on iPad and Galaxy tablets
  • Let the online orders flow – Your customers can peruse your menu and place orders from the Web, Smartphones, and tablets in less than 48 hours

Your online order delivery is guaranteed

  • Fax and Email Orders – Online and Mobile orders are sent to you by fax and email. Plus they show up on your dashboard in the owner's web site
  • Phone Call Alerts – When an order is sent, we also send a phone call alerting your staff that a fax/email order has been sent
  • Order receipt verifications – With phone call alerts, we can also require that your staff enter a 4-digit code that shows up on the orders, to make sure that all orders are received. If a 4-digit code is not entered, we will call again until it is entered

Your web ordering system is the most advanced on the web

  • Beautiful design – we have spent significant time and money to design an easy-to-use interface for your customers
  • Upsell to increase dollars per order - Identify items you want to upsell, and for every order, your system will suggest additional items for your customers to buy
  • Group ordering made easy – for your corporate customer who orders for 2 or more people, Group Ordering button creates one order, and allows many people from many locations to add what they want to the same order. The corporate assistant no longer needs to call each person to ask for their order, then call you and keep you on the phone to make sure everyone’s orders are correctly taken.
  • Online payments – your customers can pay you online, if this is what you require. You can require that your customers pay by credit card for orders above a certain minimum. For example: the system can ask the customer to pay with credit card when placing orders in excess of $50. You can set this minimum easily. The money is credited to your account instantly.
  • Delivery Orders come with driving directions – when your customers place delivery orders, the system faxes the order to you, complete with delivery directions from Google Maps. Just hand it to your driver and he will never get lost.
  • Delivery radius – you can set the driving distance from your location by changing the delivery radius. For example: if your delivery radius is 3 miles, the system will not allow delivery orders from customers beyond the 3 mile driving distance. Instead, it will ask the customer to place a pickup order.
  • Easy to turn services off during busy times – if your staff gets too busy, simply turn off pickup or delivery from your dashboard, and the system will stop taking online orders and ask your customer to call your store.

Your system has advanced marketing functions

  • You can create online discounts – simply create a promotion code and assign a dollar or percent discount. When your customer enters the code, they get the discount.
  • You can create badges – to encourage repeat business, you can award badges to your customers. You can also tie discounts to those badges. For example: When a customer visits your store 10 times, they get a Captain’s Badge. This will make them feel good. If you like, this badge may allow them to get 1% discount, to keep them coming back more often.
  • You can see where your customers are coming from – The Charts feature on the main screen can show you how your online and mobile customers are finding you, so you can decide how to spend your marketing dollars. The Chart shows percentage of business coming from Google Search, Email Marketing, Yelp, your own web site, and other sources.
  • Specials on the Main Ordering Page – You can tagg any item on your price list as Special, and it will show up right above the order tab.

Key Features of Your iPhone and Android apps

You get a completely custom mobile app

  • Your own branding – the home screen of your app shows your colors, your logo, your address, your working hours, and a simple click-to-call button.
  • Beautiful mobile menu with pictures (and video coming) – the multi-touch feature of smart phones allows your customers to drill down to an item description and see its picture is details. Its been proven that pictures sell!
  • Your own button on desktop – on Android phone, you get your own button with your logo, on the desktop.
  • Multiple locations – If you have multiple locations, all locations show up in My Favorites screen automatically
  • Driving Directions to Your Store – the mobile user can click on your logo and get turn-by-turn driving directions to your store from their current location. No more lost customers.
  • Full Price List or Menu – mobile users can peruse your menu from anywhere, any time, even while waiting for their table.
  • Mobile Orders – iPhone and Android phone users can send you online orders, and the orders arrive by fax, email, and on your dashboard.
  • Around Me – to encourage your customers to always use your app, the Around Me button shows all businesses around their current location. This useful feature makes then go to your app time and time again.
  • Badges – when your customer is in your store, they can click on the Check-in button. The app checks to see if he is in your store by using GPS, then adds a check-in to his account. A number of check-in can earn him a badge. Customers love badges.
  • Recent Orders – those customers that order the same thing over and over again, the app remembers their favorite order and keeps it in their Recent Orders screen. All they have to do is select and order. This increases sales for you.

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