Frequently Asked Questions
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Q1. Why do I need my own iPhone app, Androdi app, and Online Ordering System?

A1. Your customers are going mobile! If you don't keep up, they will go to your competitors who do. Plus, offering your own apps and web ordering is easy and inexpensive. There are 3 key advantages to signing up with TaggToGo:

  1. Customers can place online orders from your own web site - There are web sites that will charge you upwards of 15% per order to send you online orders from your own customers. We don't do that. Our $1/day flat fee is for unlimited online orders.

  2. You can offer Group Orders - your corporate customers often place takeout or delivery orders for 5 - 10 people. You can offer group ordering, which makes placing online orders for groups a snap. One person starts an online order, and by email invites others to add their order. It's easy, quick, and best of all, accurate.

  3. Your Own Custom iPhone and Andorid apps - Everyone has a mobile app now. Included in your price, is your own custom mobile app that your customers can use to peruse your menu and place orders from anywhere, any time! Need we say more?

Q2. Is getting my Mobile app and Web Ordering Site an expensive and complicated process?

A2. taggtogo Web Ordering Site and Mobile app are inexpensive and quick to get!

  1. Inexpensive - We offer Software-as-a-Service model, which means, you don't have to spend tens of thousands of dollars plus months and months developing your iPhone and Android apps, plus the ordering web site. You simply subscribe to our service for a low monthly fee.

  2. Quick - Using's sign-up and Menu building wizards, your iPhone app and Web Ordering Site can be up and running in 30 - 60 minutes. Email us your menu or price list, and we will create the ordering site and your custom iPhone and Android apps.

Q3. Do I need to be a techie or a computer whiz in order to use the system?

A3. Absolutely not. We have done all the hard work so that you don't have to. The sign-up wizard establishes your account. We take care of the rest.

Q4. Do I need to purchase any software to make this work for us?

A4. Everything is online. There is no software to purchase, nor do you need to download anything.

Q5. How much do you charge for set-up, and what other fees should I expect?

A5. Zero! Other than our monthly rate, we do not charge any fees, commissions, per-order fees, or any other fees for orders you receive.

If you have multiple locations and you'd like for us to help sign up all locations, click here to send us a request, and we will tell you how quickly all your locations can be setup.

Q6. How do I get orders at my restaurant?

A6. We have three convenient and secure methods for you to receive orders.

  1. Orders are Faxed and Emailed - When your customers place orders on your Web Ordering Site or iPhone and Andorid app, the system sends the orders to your fax machine, your email box, and your Dashboard. The Dashboard is a page in the owner's web site that shows all the orders.

  2. Call Notification - after the fax order arrives, our system calls the restaurant and notifies the person answering the phone to check the fax machine or email for an online order. Call notifications reduce the chances of missing online orders during busy hours.

  3. Call Verification - the system also has the capability to ask the person answering the phone to enter a 4-digit code from the fax order to make sure that the restaurant worker retrieves the order from the fax machine and passes it to the kitchen. The system will call back until the correct code is entered. This eliminates the chances of missing online orders.

Q7. How do I update items and prices?

A7. You can do this, using the owner's site menu wizard, or we can do this by simply sending us an email with the changes. When you login to the owner's site, simply click on My Menu tab, open the menu, and make any changes you like. It works like a excel spreadsheet.

Q8. What if I don't have a web site?

A8. When you sign-up for taggtogo service, you also get a simple Web Ordering Site page, which will show your Menu, and a prominent link to your on-line ordering site.

You have the option of advertising this simple page, or linking your professionally developed web site (if you have one) to your Web Ordering Site.

Q9. I already have a service provider, should I switch to TaggToGo?

A9. YES. Remember the benefits of taggtogo service are - your own iPhone and Android app, no per-order fees or other hidden fees, and a state-of-the-art system.