What Our Customers are saying
"Before taggtogo.com our waiters and managers were juggling phone orders and dining rooms orders. During busy times, we would miss orders because customers could not get through.

With taggtogo.com and fontagg feast, those days are behind us. Our customers place their orders online or their iPhone and select a pick-up time. When they show up, we have their order hot, fresh, and ready to go."

- Mihran Gaghinjian, Owner, Hot Wings on Melrose
"We deliver the best pizza in Anaheim, but before taggtogo.com, our phones were buzzing with customer requests as we tried to tell the customers all the different ways they can order their pizza. This took our customer's time, as well as time away from our staff to make the perfect pizza.

With taggtogo.com, our customers now use our iPhone and online pizza configurator to place orders the way they want it. The orders arrive by fax, and go directly to the kitchen. My customers love the online system, and are amazed by our iPhone app – fontagg feast!"

- Ray Palomino, Owner, Papa Pilo's Pizza
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