taggtogo.com Campaign to
End Hunger

taggtogo.com is committed to doing its part to alleviate hunger in the America. Our system is being enhanced to allow individual families, churches, government and non-government organization, food banks, and other charities to post food requests.

Participating restaurants and/or patrons of these restaurants can use taggtogo.com's cloud infrastructure to purchase and deliver requested food.

Stay tuned for news of our campaign.

According to Feeding America's Hunger Report 2010:

  • 37 Million Americans, including 14 million children, depend on assistance to fend off hunger
  • 36% of these Americans come from families where at least one person is employed
  • More than 1/3rd of these Americans report having to choose between food and other necessities such as rent, utilities, etc.
taggtogo.com Cloud to End Hunger

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